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MBA + PGPM Program Features

Special Induction Programme
Psychometric Profiling
Build skills for a good Career
Focus on Industry Readiness
Live Projects
Multiple Internships
Corporate Mentorship

Master of Business Administration – MBA

A Master of Business Administration (MBA) at Deepshikha college which is a graduate degree focusing on business administration. Students will be getting knowledge to prepare themself for successful career with application-based education pattern and mentoring by experienced faculty mentors & corporate mentors. After completion of MBA course, students will be ready with industry required skills, knowledge and professional personality and will become the future leaders in this domain.

Todays industry need people who have knowledge about multiple subject area. Our MBA Program is affiliated to RTU, Kota and provides degree in dual specialization in following:

  • 01 Finance
  • 02 Marketing
  • 03 Human Resource
  • 04 Information Technology

MBA + PGPM Program Features

  • 01Special Induction Programme: Our special residential induction program is designed to ensure that every student gets the best welcome and a swift start to their academic curriculum.
  • 02Psychometric Profiling: We do a detailed analysis of every student’s analytical, critical and emotional abilities through psychometric profiling to ascertain how much and what kind of attention every student needs.
  • 03Building a skill set essential for a good career: We make extra efforts to ensure that our students gain a set of skills that are considered essential.
  • 04Focus on industry readiness: Our primary goal is to ensure that our students are ready to face all kinds of challenges and difficulties in the corporate work environment.
  • 05Live Projects: Students get to learn the practical application of management principles and concept through Live Project and related activities. We believe that the coalescence of theoretical and practical learning is the ideal blend for success.
  • 06Multiple Internships: Students undergo multiple internships with different organizations in the duration of the course. Upon successful completion, a certificate is provided by the organization you are interning with.
  • 07Corporate Mentorship: Corporate mentors are a guiding force for students to take them in the right direction and reach new heights.
  • 08Regular Industry Interface: Students get to interact with professionals & experts from the industry and gain valuable insights from them.
  • 09Rural immersion: Students become a part of the rural development by getting deeply involved in projects for the sustainable development of society.
  • 10Specialization related certification courses: We offer multiple specialization related certification courses to improve your chances of being recruited by eminent organization.
  • 11Meritorious students eligible for foreign internship: As a mean to encourage and motivate meritorious students, we provide them with the opportunity to intern with prestigious institutions in Singapore, Hong-Kong, USA and Europe.

Benfits of MBA + PGPM Program

  • 01The program builds a strong foundation with the theory and application of management principles.
  • 02Continues assessments and evaluation of students to track the growth.
  • 03Helps students in their academics and development of their personality.
  • 04Course content is updated regularly as per the industry needs
  • 05Hands-on approach of teaching with more emphasis on practical learning and participation.
  • 06Focus on skill development with enhancement in personality.
  • 07Career oriented PGPM program
  • 08Effective & Enhanced teaching pedagogy with audio-visual aids in classroom
  • 09program helps to get career opportunity in variety of sectors depending on their skills & interest.
  • 10International & national level of exposure to students with corporate networks.
  • 11Qualified faculties having corporate & teaching experience are there for holistic development students.
  • 12Corporate tie-ups help students to get promising careers.

MBA + PGPM Program

MBA I Semester
S.No. Course Structure PGPM Program
1. Fundamentals of Management Basics of Excel
2. Organizational Behaviour Simulation Study
3. Business Math and Statistics Workshop on Building Brand “YOU”
4. Managerial Economics Sales Management & Sales Negotiation
5. Accounting for Management Rural Immersion Programme
6. IT for Managers Case Study Sessions
7. Business Environment Live Projects
8. Communication for Management
9. Information and Communication Tech Lab
10. Business Communication Lab
MBA II Semester
S.No. Course Structure PGPM Program
1. Human resource Management Workshop on Digital Marketing
2. Cost Accounting for Management Business Communication
3. Financial Management Personality Development
4. Marketing Management Project on Consumer Behavior
5. Operations and Supply Chain Management Winter Internship Programme
6. Research Methods in Management Case Study Sessions
7. New Enterprise & Innovation Management Live Projects
8. Operations Research
9. Seminar on Contemporary Issues
10. Computer Applications Lab
MBA III Semester
S.No. Course Structure PGPM Program
1. Business Policy & Strategic Management Advance Excel
2. Summer Internship Project Report Business Communication
Specialization 1 Workshop on Analytics
3. Elective 1 NISM/NCFM Modules (Finance)
4. Elective 2 Basics of Recruitment (HRM)
5. Elective 3 Corporate Social Responsibility ( HRM )
Specialization 2 Retail Management ( Marketing )
6. Elective 1 Digital Marketing ( Marketing )
7. Elective 2 Warehousing Management ( Operations )
8. Elective 3 Warehousing Management (Operations)
MBA IV Semester
S.No. Course Structure PGPM Program
1. Business Ethics & Corporate Governance Export-Import Management
2. Project Management Business Communication
3. Business Laws Intellectual Property Rights
4. Project Work Workshop on Taxation(Finance)
Specialization 1 Wealth Management (Finance)
5. Elective 1 HRIS and HR Analytics (HRM)
6. Elective 2 Strategic Management (HRM)
Specialization 2 Event Management (Marketing)
7. Elective 1 Rural Marketing (Marketing)
8. Elective 2 Shipping & Warehousing Management (Operations)