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Placement Process:

Deepshikha College one of the Best Placement College in Jaipur, we understand that high-quality placements can bring a range of benefits, positive impacts, and lots of opportunities for our students. Hence it is our endeavor to provide maximum avenues for beginning professional journey for students of Deepshikha. Start-ups and organizations, nowadays, want to hire students who are tech-savy and adaptable with spontaneous skills during the recruitment process to make sure that professionals they have are highly qualified with the unconventional approach to critical problem-solving. The placement cell in such a situation identifies these skills by interacting with a human resource manager of a particular industry and prepares every student to make them industry-ready.

The primary goals of our Placement team is:

  • • To arrange for promising and suitable employment opportunities for all students.
  • • To recognize the capabilities and hidden talents of the students.
  • • To guide the students to meet the expectations of the industry through some career development programs.
  • • To arrange Industrial visits for various departments.
  • • To conduct technical seminars from industry experts
  • • To build self-reliance in students and develop the right attitude in them and
  • • To augment their communication skills.
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Placement Report

S.No. Company Name Package Offered
1 HDFC Bank Ltd. 6.20 Lac
2 Amul 5.35 Lac
3 AU Small Finance Bank 5.20 Lac
4 ICICI Bank 5.20 Lac
5 CAREERS 360 5.15 Lac
6 Juniors Brand 5.15 Lac
7 HDB Financial Bank 5.15 Lac
8 Burger farm 5.15 Lac
9 Parle-G 5.15 Lac
10 Fair Deal 5.10 Lac
11 RELIANCE Nippon Insurance 4.60 Lac
12 FRANCHISE India 4.50 Lac
13 Amplework 4.35 Lac
14 Vareyn Solar 4.20 Lac
15 Asix Bank 4.20 Lac
16 ABACUS. 4.20 Lac
17 Jaro Education 4.20 Lac
S.No. Company Name Package
18 OLA Cabs 4.20 Lac
19 SBI Securities 4.20 Lac
20 Varun Beverages ltd. 4.20 Lac
21 Dimart 4.15 Lac
22 Aask Education 4.15 Lac
23 Jaipur Rugs 4.15 Lac
24 Just Dial 4.15 Lac
25 Jio Mart 4.15 Lac
26 HIKEEDU 4.15 Lac
27 Amazon 4.15 Lac
28 JK Super Strong 4.15 Lac
29 3M India Ltd. 3.75 Lac
30 L&T Finance 3.20 Lac
31 Toyota India 3.20 Lac
32 Infosys 3.20 Lac
33 Samsung Phones 3.20 Lac